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Employment Rights: Minimum Wage for Fast Food Employees

The person that handed you your last greasy hamburger, plate of fries, or coffee cup could very well be making less an hour than your entire order costs.

The Fair Labor Standards Act was implemented in 1938 to set employee payment regulations. Minimum wage, the forty-hour work week, and overtime are just a few of the items covered under the FLSA. Although employers are required by law to meet at least the minimum requirement nationwide, the federal minimum wage is still only $7.25 an hour, and this doesn’t reach the living wage in even the poorest areas in the United States. It doesn’t even pay for a coffee and sandwich at Starbucks.


Deflategate Is Over!

During the 2014-2015 NFL post-season, New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady was charged with deflating footballs in order to make them easier to throw and catch. This scandal was dubbed “Deflategate.”


Firing a Pregnant Woman: What is Legal

“I’m pregnant,” can be the happiest phrase a person hears in their life (or the most terrifying). If a couple has been trying to become pregnant for years and their prayers have finally been answered, the news may be exciting. If an employer is trying to manage a business and his or her employee says, “I’m pregnant,” the news may be discomforting.


New Overtime Rule: 6 Challenges Nonprofits Will Face

On May 18, 2016, the federal government announced the final changes to the overtime rule— changes that will impact white collar, non-exempt FLSA workers. This announcement brought about many questions for the future of employees and organizations, specifically non-profit organizations. The changes seemed to impact donations and production for those organizations in this tax classification. Here are six challenges that non-profits could see with the new rules:


Is it Illegal to Post an Inaccurate Job Description?

Have you ever left your job and moved your family across the country for a job that doesn’t live up to its description? Unfortunately, many people have. In some cases, either the job offer or the company itself collapses. In others, the actual job turns out to have nothing in common with the job that was offered. Entire lives can be ruined this way. Why? Once the decision to leave previous employment has been made, it can very difficult for people to return. This is why accurate job descriptions are so important.


Can I Bring My Gun to Work?

In Georgia, where the right to bear arms is historic, many people are adamant that they ought to be able to take their guns where they please. Some people carry their arms at work and they don’t expect any problems. Unfortunately for them, however, this expectation may not always be a reality.