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Speech and Public Comment in School Board Meetings

A recent ruling against the Walker County School District has the Georgia administration system paying attention to their rules and procedures. The lawsuit was filed by a teacher in a Walker County school. The suit targeted a policy around public comment at School Board meetings. The Judge found that the School Board meetings required speech protections under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.


Family Leave: Cases Won in Georgia

Balancing work and life is particularly difficult for employees who have a responsibility to take care of young children or elderly relatives. It isn’t always possible to take time off work for family leave to care for those who need us. If an employee is fortunate, their employer may provide policies that allow for this. However, this isn’t always the case.


When to Go to Human Resources

Employers typically use their human resources department for: job design and analysis, recruitment and hiring, training and development, performance, compensation, and legal issues. Employees often turn to their HR department when they have a question or a problem. This article focuses on when it is a good idea to take a problem to HR and how to document the communication.